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Harry Games


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19 Июль 2023

Harry The Cat

[5] The creators of this game gave us the opportunity to once again plunge into the magical atmosphere of the world of Harry Potter and, moreover, to play for our character in the original plot. There is everything that we loved so much - here you will meet painfully familiar characters, go all the way through the training in a magic school, get acquainted with many wonderful things and creatures. Having created our character, met our first friend and bought a magic wand from Ollivander, we finally find ourselves in the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry! Everyone is happy, celebrating, and we are ready to go to meet the adventures and research of the school Smile Literally from the very beginning, we are introduced to one of the most disgusting characters, whose presence will often make us angry, but we must pay tribute to the creators - the game evokes emotions Smile. [5] Easy game for kids. My grandson is 2-and-a-half; we use half the set of matching cards and he quickly picked up on remembering where the cards are as we play and matches them pretty easily. [5] the application is suitable for both girls and boys for developing games worth trying from the very beginning and playing out... [5] interesting game for children and educational, I advise everyone [5] Great game, develops the brain, fun to play. I give 5 stars [5] Good game Harry for kids. I am happy.

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